Nicole Harkin is an award-winning writer based in Washington, D.C. Her first book, Tilting, A Memoir was released in 2017 and received a gold in the Wishing Shelf Book Award in 2018. She is currently working on a murder mystery titled Death in Berlin. She is a freelance writer for a variety of different outlets, including Cool Tools, Brevity, Thought Collection, among others.

Nicole received her BA in Political Science with a minor in German and Geology from Purdue University. She received her J.D. from Pace University. As a Fulbright Scholar and then a Robert Bosch Fellow, Nicole lived in Berlin, Germany where she studied German environmentalism and the German Freedom of Information Act.

In addition to writing, Nicole is also a natural-light photographer and co-hosts the podcast, Project Ungoverned. Her photography can be seen at:

Nicole was raised in Georgia and Montana as the oldest of four children—something she continues to remind her siblings.

nicole at nicoleharkin dot com

What People Are Saying

"While Nicole manages to find the comedy in her family melodrama, she also writes with so much love for the people she's remembering, who are flawed and human as we all are."

Malena Watrous, Author, If You Follow Me—Head Instructor Stanford University Online Writers Studio

"The way Nicole wrote this book - so honest and relatable, straight to the point and real - gave me pause to think about how we face life.  She manages to find compassion, wisdom and humor in the depths of pain and the end of everything she knew."

Sonia Voldseth, Life Coach/Owner at Revolutionary Life Coaching and Sometimes Blogger

Tilting, A Memoir  is a  2017 Gold Winner  in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards.

Tilting, A Memoir is a 2017 Gold Winner in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards.